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Keystroke and Pointing Time Estimation for Touchscreen-Based Mobile Devices: Case Study Children with ASD

  • Quezada, A.
  • Ramírez, M.
  • Vázquez, S.
  • Rosales, R.
  • Jiménez, S.
  • Sevilla, M.
  • Muñoz, Roberto
Nowadays, children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) show great interest and ease in the use of technology such as tablets and smartphones. There is much research that has been done and is focused on helping users with this type of disorder. However, the challenge is the creation of applications that adapt to their physical, cognitive and motor skills of this type of users. This article focuses on identifying the distance of drag that users with ASD can perform with less complexity, as well as identifying the time that the user with ASD needs to complete the task. The results show that the higher the drag distance, the more complicated this type of user will be. With this result, we can conclude that when to develop mobile applications to support the teaching of this type of users should be considered a smaller drag size and an image size greater than 63 pixels.
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