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REHAB FUN: an assistive technology in neurological motor disorders rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy

  • Oliveira, J.
  • Muñoz, Roberto
  • Ribeiro, S.
  • Wu, W.
  • de Albuquerque, V. H. C.
Cerebral palsy is a childhood condition in which there is a motor disability (palsy) caused by a static, non-progressive lesion in the brain (cerebral), produced by decreased brain oxygenation during pregnancy at birth or soon after birth. The rehabilitation of patients with disabilities such as cerebral palsy is usually accomplished through exercises performed by a team of several specialists so that the patient can act independently or minimize the need for third parties. The virtual reality environment called REHAB FUN was developed as a purpose to aid in the treatment of patients with cerebral palsy from 3 to 8 years. The REHAB FUN is composed of 10 phases (activities) and a web area for analysis of the specialists to follow the evolution of the patients. Seven patients were participated using the virtual environment twice a week for 3 months (20 sessions). We measured attention levels, errors, and time. The REHAB FUN has been shown to be a motivating tool for patients, and through the data acquired, the specialists can direct the treatment in an individualized way so that there are greater effectiveness and efficiency in the treatment of motor rehabilitation.
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cerebral palsy; assistive technology; brain-computer interface
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