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Dispersive Radon Transform

  • Xu, K.
  • Laugier, P.
  • Minonzio, Jean Gabriel
Dispersion results in the spreading and overlapping of the wave-packets, which often limits the capability of signal interpretation; on the other hand such a phenomenon can also be used for structure or media evaluation. In this study, we propose an original dispersive Radon transform (DRT), which is formulated as an integration transform along a set of dispersion curves. Multichannel dispersive signals of each individual mode can be concentrated to a well localized region in the DRT domain. The proposed DRT establishes the sparse projection of the dispersive components and provides an efficient solution for mode separation, noise filtering, and missing data reconstruction. Particularly the DRT method allows to project the temporal signals of dispersive waves on the space of parameters of interest, which can be used to solve the inverse problem for waveguide or media property estimation. The least-square procedure and sparse scheme of the DRT are introduced. A high-resolution DRT is designed based on an iterative reweighting inversion scheme, which resembles the infinite-aperture velocity gather. The proposed method is applied by analyzing ultrasonic guided waves in plate-like structures and in a human radius specimen. The results suggest that the DRT method can significantly enhance the interpretation of dispersive signals.
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