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Social and Community Networks and Obesity

  • Demongeot, J.
  • Elena, A.
  • Taramasco, Carla
The aim of the paper is to describe the first results of a research about therapeutic education, with biofeedback and personalization taking into account the place of a chronic patient inside his social network. The techniques used are (i) serious games in their pedagogical dimension of elaboration of therapeutic education scenarios and their local dimension of information capture using specific sensors and biofeedback processes allowing the customization of the game and (ii) tools of visualization of social networks to which the patient belongs, in order to bring him to an awareness of belonging to a community sharing the same pathology and therapy. We built three scenarios, dealing with (i) the dietary of a type II diabetic, (ii) the detection and monitoring of diabetic retinitis, and (iii) the detection and monitoring of diabetic foot ulcers. We have also developed a software for the representation of the dynamics of a new category of social network called “homophilic.” The introduction of computer techniques such as serious games and biofeedback processing in the field of therapeutic education is not new and dates about 10 years, but the coupling with individual identification techniques in a social group for the visualization and customization of the game is original. The joint use of new educational methods of therapeutic education, combined with the recognition of the presence of the patient in a local social network of people suffering from the same disease, will maximize the effectiveness of serious games and biofeedback necessary to the educational personalization.
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