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Multicast routing algorithm proposal for decrease the session blocking probability in a dynamic WDM network

  • Barría, Marta
  • Araya, J.
  • Vallejos, R.
This paper focuses in the adaptive multicast routing and wavelength assigment (MC-RWA) problem over a dynamic WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network whose nodes have multicast and full wavelength-conversion capability, in order to evaluate the performance of multicast routing algorithm, proposed in this work, named Mejor cercania (BC) in a network under different operating conditions. The evaluation is done through simulation, and in each experiment the session blocking probability is measured for a network under specific operating conditions. This performance is compared with an adaptation of the Smart Edge Removal Light Hierarchy (S-ERLH) and the Pruned Minimum Spanning Tree (PMST). The results shows that BC reaches blocking session probabilities orders of magnitud lower than obtained with S-ERLH and PMST, in all simulation scenarios.
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In Proceedings
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